Organic Veggie Crayons

Organic Veggie Crayons

Organic Veggie Crayons

Children like to doodle with crayons. The only concern is that it should be safe. Kids explore everything by tasting it or putting it into their mouth. Azafran's Organic Crayons is the right choice for all earth friendly and creative minded souls. Being passionate about creating products that are safe and inspire the inner artist of children, Azafran has created 'Organic Veggie Crayons'.

A rainbow of colours

Smooth and creamy, each pack of Azafran's Organic Crayons include a rainbow of 8 beautiful colors packed in a slider box. The food colorant produces a muted, more natural color palette making it fun to draw and shade. Comes in blocks. Easy grip for small hands & are specially suited for preschoolers. A great choice for children of all ages.

Organic & Earth friendly

The crayons are made with 100% Organic Soya Wax, Organic Sunflower Wax and Food grade colours. Glides on smoothly and creates a delightful coloring experience. Does not contain any animal ingredients. Safe as 'First Crayons' for the little darlings. Azafran's Organic Crayons are sustainable and does not pollute the environment or our resources. Ingredients are awarded the USDA and ECOCERT stamp of approval. A perfect earth conscious choice.

What's unique about the blocks?

  • Encourages hand-eye coordination
  • Improves motor skills
  • Blocks does not roll off the table
  • Never needs to be sharpened
  • Fun for stacking & building
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